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Although on the surface the worst appears to be over, CEOs of companies in this sector need to maintain their defensive postures while being proactive to mitigate future risk.  They must prepare themselves for what will likely be a heavier regulatory burden, in response to the bank bailouts and foreclosure crisis, among other challenges.

Well managed Financial Service companies are prioritizing streamlining their operations, to create process efficiencies, while simultaneously looking for optimal ways to improve their level of service.  An excellent way to achieve this is through Micro Endeavors Business Process Management (BPM) services.  Our consultants are trained in the analysis and implementation of system-wide best practices to facilitate the flow of business critical data in the securest of environments, while maintaining a high degree of auditability to ease compliance adherence.

A Micro Endeavors engagement includes a comprehensive assessment process, which allows us map both business and technical requirements, creating natural recommendations, modifications, and enhancements that improve information exchange and create higher degrees of satifaction and usability within existing systems.  This data provides the foundation for our best in class architectural design and the deployment of new systems (where required) or enhancements, with seamless integration to the existing application suite always being a priority.  Not only does our process include a review of the architecture of existing applications, but user interviews as well (both internal and external) to make sure all relevant stakeholder's needs are being addressed.  These differentiators help provide our clients with tangible competitive advantage in their processes, helping to deliver quicker ROI for our solutions; whether based in .NET, SharePoint, or any other relevant language or technology.

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